Experience EPIC at YMCA Camp Cullen: Specialty Camp Options

Published On: May 31, 2024Categories: Blog, Camp

A week at YMCA Camp Cullen guarantees incredible fun, adventures, and memories that will last a lifetime. Here, campers experience nature up close, explore new talents and embark on an unforgettable summer journey. At Camp Cullen, we believe in providing a variety of specialty camps that cater to every child’s unique interests, helping them to strengthen skills, discover new talents, and develop confidence in their potential.

Why Choose a Specialty Camp?

Specialty camps at YMCA Camp Cullen are designed for campers who have a passion for specific activities. These camps offer focused, skill-building experiences while also incorporating traditional camp activities like swimming, games, and arts and crafts. For younger campers, the traditional camp experience is recommended to help them discover new interests, but for those who know what they love, our specialty camps provide the perfect outlet.

Specialty Camp Options

Equestrian Camp (ages 9-16)

Equestrian Camp is perfect for horse enthusiasts of all experience levels. Whether your child has never ridden or is an experienced rider, they will find their place here. Campers adopt their very own horse for a week, forming unique bonds and friendships. From mastering the basics to tackling advanced challenges, this camp is all about passion and connection.

Watersports Camp (ages 9-16)

Watersports Camp is a haven for water lovers. Campers spend half their day on activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, tubing, canoeing and sailing. With exclusive access to waterfront activities, campers build skills, enjoy thrilling water adventures, and forge lasting friendships in a close-knit community.

High Ropes Adventure Camp (ages 9-16)

High Ropes Adventure Camp offers an adrenaline-filled experience. Campers navigate our thrilling adventure courses, focusing on individual development and teamwork. This camp builds confidence, goal-setting abilities and strong relationships as campers learn the dynamics of group work.

Science Camp (ages 9-16)

Science Camp is for those with curious minds. Campers spend three hours a day delving into geology, biology and astronomy. With access to telescopes, microscopes and other scientific tools, they explore the wonders of the natural world and build a community around shared interests.

Teen Specialty Camps

As campers turn 13, they can explore new adventures and “teen-only” experiences such as Teen Adventure Camp and Teen Leadership Camp. These programs serve as stepping stones between the traditional camp experience and future roles as counselors, volunteers or community leaders.

Teen Adventure Camp

Teen Adventure Camp brings an adventure-based twist to the regular camp experience. It offers older campers the chance to enjoy more challenging activities and deeper relationships, keeping them engaged and empowered.

Teen Leadership Camp

The Teen Leadership Camp focuses on servant leadership, preparing teens for future roles in the camp and their communities. This camp emphasizes personal growth, leadership skills, and the importance of giving back.

Join Us This Summer!

YMCA Camp Cullen’s specialty camps provide an unparalleled opportunity for campers to immerse themselves in their passions, build skills and create lifelong memories. Whether it’s riding horses, mastering watersports, conquering high ropes or exploring the sciences, there’s something for everyone. Sign up today and let your child experience the epic adventures that await at YMCA Camp Cullen.