The YMCA of Greater Houston offers a variety of opportunities for adults ages 55 and better to stay active, engaged and connected with others. From physical activity to social events and new adventures, ForeverWell provides opportunities for ALL to make this chapter in life the BEST one yet!

Virtual YMCA (YMCA360)

Participate in all your favorite classes and enrichment activities from anywhere led by YMCA of Greater Houston instructors.

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Make a Reservation

Join us for exercise classes, educational and social opportunities and more. A reservation is required.

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Virtual Personal Training

No matter your current ability or location, our personal trainers will help you set new goals and give you the training prescription to attain them.

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Physical Benefits

Adults 55 and older are at a higher risk for falls. Regular physical activity is proven to improve strength and flexibility which leads to improved balance and coordination.

Mental Health Benefits

Participating in regular physical activity can also lead to improved mental health and cognitive function.

Social Benefits

Maintaining strong social connections is important for older adults. Our group exercise classes and social and learning opportunities provide a great opportunity to meet new friends and to build connections.

Upcoming Events

Age-related Eye Diseases: Cataract, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy

Presented by UTHealth Neurosciences
Tuesday, January 31; 1:30 pm

Join Dr. Sam Dahr, ophthalmologist and retina subspecialist, to learn about how to keep your eyes healthy as you age. You will hear about how to look out for and, if needed, treat cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. You’ll learn how managing your diabetes and blood pressure can help preserve your eyesight for the long-term.

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Thursday, April 27
Bayou City Events Center


At Dancing with the Silver Stars, YMCA ForeverWell members turn up the heat and burn up the dance floor! Dance styles include line dancing, ballroom dance, Latin dance and novelty dance. The fun never stops at this unique event! The ultimate goal is to participate in the friendly competition so members can become part of a team and a community. DWSS is a unique program combating social isolation by providing an opportunity for Senior Adults to come together to create meaningful connections and showcase their talents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ForeverWell classes are designed for adults aged 55 and better to stay physically active and engaged while connecting with others.
When you view our Group Exercise classes on the YMCA of Greater Houston website or App, click description next to the ForeverWell class you would like to take.
These classes are designed for members 55 years old and better.
When you view your centers schedule and find a group exercise you would like to take click “Sign Up”.
All of these classes are designed to incorporate a chair, but our instructors give options for exercise in both a seated and standing position based on the ability level of members.
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