Youth Basketball

From building stronger skills to gaining self-confidence, our youth basketball program is about more than just the game. It is about building the whole child from the inside out. Our coaches focus on the youth basketball players’ development of building core skills such as ball handling, defense, offense, rebounding, shooting, conditioning and more. We’re creating team players and future leaders through team sports. Your kids will learn good sportsmanship and teamwork, develop positive friendships and you’ll build a network of like-minded parents.


Basketball Benefits

Basketball is a sport that requires great endurance, where kids can experience a full-body workout that is important for them to learn to push toward an end goal without giving up. They will also develop a good sense of balance, hand-eye coordination, agility, strategy and social skills at a young age that will play a part towards their success into adulthood.

Training Tips

Find a balance for your child between having fun and improving their skills as a player by exercising through drill work and conditioning to help them develop both a love for the game and solid fundamentals. Making sure to prioritize effort over results will nurture their interest to improve their skillset and mindset as a future leader.

Coaching Tips

Teach good sportsmanship by your example in maintaining a positive attitude at all times. Teach them to play hard with respect to their youth basketball team opponents and to the officials. Wins and losses are not important at this age, it is about developing teamwork, emphasizing sportsmanship and learning their responsibilities to the team that will instill good discipline and dedication to a sport that they enjoy to play.

Practices and Games

One 60-minute practice and 1 game per week. Teams available for ages 3-17. Tiny Tots, ages 3-5, is a development program that meets once a week for a combined practice/game. Ask your YMCA for more information!


Our focus is on participation and fun! While basic skills of the game are developed through practices and games, every child learns sportsmanship and values necessary to be successful in life. Every game begins with a Youth Sports Pledge. We encourage fair play, positive competition and family involvement.

Sports are offered seasonally and vary by location. Please check back or at nearby locations if sport is currently unavailable.

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The YMCA of Greater Houston and DICK’s Sporting Goods have partnered to help remove barriers to youth playing sports. As the Official Sporting Goods, Retail Sponsor of our league DICK’s Sporting Goods will be offering discounts on apparel throughout the year. Join the Y this weekend, June 7-9 as DICK’s offers 20% off to all YMCA youth sports participants. View the flyer with more information. Thank you to DICK’s Sporting Goods for their support of YMCA Youth Sports!


YMCA Youth Sports uniforms are ordered directly from the YMCA vendor by each participant. The purchase of a game jersey (basketball or multi-sport depending on the sport) is required for each participant and there are also optional shorts available for purchase.

A basketball jersey is required for basketball.


Upcoming Seasons

Spring 2024

Registration Dates:

February 5-March 17

Practice Starts:

March 25

Games Start:

April 6

Summer 2024

Registration Dates:

April 15-May 26

Practice Starts:

June 3

Games Start:

June 15

Fall 1 2024

Registration Dates:

June 24-August 11

Practice Starts:

August 19

Games Start:

August 31

Fall 2 2024

Registration Dates:

September 9-October 20

Practice Starts:

October 28

Games Start:

November 9

Volunteer Coaching Opportunities

We’re seeking volunteers interested in coaching youth sports. Our coaches make YMCA youth sports possible and create a lifelong impact on children by encouraging participation and emphasizing sportsmanship and strong character while they are learning basic sport skills. When you become a volunteer, the Y will introduce you to coaching and provide specific resources to the sport you coach. If your child is a player, getting involved at their practices can help them feel comfortable to practice with you outside of official practice time.

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“My son is very shy and reserved. He normally doesn’t make friends easily, but through playing basketball at the Y it has helped him become more confident and has improved his ability to talk to new people. When he first started, he was very scared of the idea of not knowing anyone on his team, but as the season progressed, he was able to make friends and create new bonds. He really enjoys playing basketball at the YMCA!”