Keys to Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions

Published On: February 9, 2020Categories: Inspiration

“This year things are going to be different.”

Have you said this to yourself year after year? If so, we’ve got some realistic tips that will help you stick to your New Year’s resolution to be healthier, whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned pro.

If you are returning to fitness after being inactive, you should:

Set Goals: Set specific goals around nutrition and physical activity. Make sure these goals are measurable, achievable and realistic.

Get Support: Find a supportive environment that helps encourage you and gives you the tools and skills to achieve your goals.

Remember Holistic Health: Take a holistic approach to your health goals that include mind, body and spirit. Becoming a healthy person involves focusing on all of who you are as a person.

Consult a Physician: If you have any questions about your health or concerns about beginning a fitness routine, talk to your doctor and work with them to set goals to improve your overall health including nutrition and physical activity.

Sign up for Personal Training: A certified personal trainer can develop a work out plan which caters specifically to your goals and interests. They will help you see the results of investing in yourself.

Stay Active: Participate in 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity physical activity – easily achieved in 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Significant weight reduction usually requires 250+ minutes of physical activity a week in addition to changes in diet.

If you are already active, but looking to pump up your workout, you should:

Change Your Routine: If you are no longer seeing results with your current fitness program – change it! Your body adapts to the same workout, and it becomes necessary to add or change your routine. Add variety by adding levels of intensity, weight training, or changing cardio choices. Take a group exercise class – one that you have never attended – Cycling, Zumba® and Bootcamp are just a few popular group fitness classes.

Drink Water: Water carries oxygen to the cells of your body – including those of your muscles! You body works better and it will boost your metabolic rate and help you feel more energetic. Plus, water will help metabolize stored fat and will assist in losing weight!

Hire a Personal Trainer: A certified personal trainer can offer you valuable fitness information which will take your fitness program to the next level. He or she can develop an exercise program based on your goals and fitness assessments. This one-on-one attention may be just the step needed to pump up your routine.

Small Group Training: Find a small group to work out with that includes individuals with similar health and wellness goals. Specialized fitness programs are on the rise. Programs like TRX, Boot Camp, Pilates Reformer, and High Intensity Interval Training offer intensive cardio and strength drills. Small groups encourage competition and add intensity and fun to your workout.

Core Training: Core training is the essential component to every fitness routine. This does not mean just adding crunches! The core involves more muscle engagement. A strong core means your “base point” is strong and can support the other parts of your body effectively during workouts. It is the basis for all functional workouts. A strong core can support correct alignment and stability of the spine as well as generate power efficiently. Balance training is a great core discipline.

Become a part of something bigger and join the YMCA.