An Opportunity to Belong

The YMCA is not just a place, we are a purpose, and being a member of the YMCA is not just about buildings and programs, it is about being a part of something bigger than all of us.

We have transformed our membership model to provide an option that allows you to customize your membership experience with impact at its core.

An Impact Membership gives you the ability to add amenities and receive preferred program pricing while being a part of the YMCA’s impactful work in the community. Whether you are volunteering, have a child participating in a sport, or utilize our after school programs, you are providing opportunities for all to access the YMCA.

We hope that you will continue your membership year-round as it ensures that the Y is there to strengthen our community.


Impact Membership

An Impact Membership provides an opportunity join a cause-driven organization, one that brings about purposeful and impactful change in the community. Together we can build healthier families, empower youth and foster inclusive communities.

Benefits of your $25 monthly Impact Membership:


Provides an opportunity to belong to the YMCA and connect with your community while helping you and your neighbors to achieve their full potential.


A wide variety of programs available for every age and every interest.


Access to YMCA360 virtual workouts, education, personal training and more.


Ability to add additional amenities or upgrade to a Facility Membership.


Opportunities to give of your time and talents to your community through volunteer opportunities, as well as special engagements and learning sessions. 

How We Strengthen Community

We’re committed to transformational change and strengthening the bonds that ties us together in community. You are a vital part of this effort. When you join as an Impact Member, you:

  • Empower youth and teens by providing access to programs and services to help them achieve their full potential
  • Ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed, making communities stronger
  • Provide children and adults with disabilities the chance to learn, grow and thrive in a safe, fun atmosphere through adaptive programs
  • Restore hope and wellbeing by providing protection, education, jobs and mentorship through YMCA International Services Refugee Resettlement program, Immigration Legal Services and the Trafficked Persons Assistance program

Your membership helps make more possible for all in our community.


We are more than buildings and programs. Our purpose is to strengthen the foundations of community. At the Y membership means more than fitness. It means you belong. As an Impact Member of the Y you are a integral part of the transformative work we do in the community to build healthier families, empower youth and foster inclusive communities.

An Impact Membership helps you connect with your community and achieve your goals.

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