We’re Changing How We Change Houston

The YMCA of Greater Houston was founded as a place where all people could find hope, fellowship, and healing. These have been difficult and uncertain times for our country, our city and our YMCA. Now, we are challenged to find new ways to transform membership to not only meet the needs of our members, but to also address critical community issues and keep our organization thriving for years to come. ​

The YMCA is not just a place, we are a purpose, and being a member of the YMCA is not just about buildings and programs, it is about being a part of something bigger than all of us.

Spark Change In Your Community

Impact Membership

An Impact Membership provides opportunity for ALL to advocate for the most vulnerable among us and enables the Y to deepen their role as a community-impact organization committed to addressing inequities, food insecurity, health disparities, social isolation, learning loss and more.

A $25 monthly Impact Membership will help to:

Senior man in home quarantine


Isolation and loneliness are enduring issues that have been magnified by the pandemic. That’s why the Y continues to unite neighborhoods and build meaningful human relationships for seniors, teens and at-risk individuals through initiatives such as senior well-being calls, virtual engagement, and teen opportunities.

smiling teenagers sitting on grass, talking and holding books


The Y helps create inclusive communities and ensures everyone has equal opportunity.


Our Y provides children and adults with disabilities the chance to play sports in a safe, fun atmosphere.

Group of immigrants with American flag


The Y is committed to be a source of strength and encouragement to all we serve. Programs such as our Refugee Resettlement program, Immigration Legal Services and The Trafficked Persons Assistance Program are restoring hope and providing protection, education, jobs and mentorship to our community’s most vulnerable.

Hispanic girl with chin on books


Through a variety of programs designed to spark real change in our youth, we believe we positively impact children in ways no other organization can. From ensuring younger children are set for success, college and career preparedness, to teaching the art of global diplomacy, we are elevating how youth see themselves and what they can accomplish.

Benefits of an Impact Membership

  • Monthly membership that provides an opportunity to get involved at the YMCA and in your community
  • Access to YMCA programs at member preferred pricing
  • Membership to support impactful and purposeful work in the community
  • Access to on-demand classes, resources and education through YMCA360
  • Opportunities to add on additional options and services or upgrade to a Facility Membership
  • Special event engagement opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Saturday’s September-October

The Miracle League fall season will resume in September. We are in need of volunteers to help support our athletes. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss! The season starts on Saturday, September 17 and will continue weekly until October 22.

Volunteer Roles:

  • Motivational Sign Creation
  • Fan in the Stands
  • BE A BUDDY! – Partner up with a Miracle League athlete to assist them through the baseball game and be a Buddy for the day.

To get additional information please email



Now is the time to make your membership mean more and do more. An Impact Membership lets you open doors and bring about meaningful change for countless members of our community.

The YMCA of Greater Houston is changing to become a more inclusive, purpose driven entity. We aren’t just a place, we are a purpose. Join the solution and get involved!

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