We would like to share an upcoming change regarding your YMCA membership account.

Since the start of the pandemic, the YMCA has responded to the financial challenges our members and community have faced by temporarily reducing monthly citywide membership rates, making access to the YMCA more affordable. As our YMCAs are now fully operational and back to pre-pandemic offerings, effective April 1 we will be resetting our membership rates.

Resetting our membership rates allows us to improve your Y experience through investments in our facilities, fitness equipment, and staff. These reset rates remain lower than those offered pre-pandemic, while continuing to make our YMCAs accessible to all.

We continue to strive to find ways to add value to your membership experience. Over the last two years:

  • City-wide access has been available to all members providing opportunities for a wide variety of amenities, programs and services at 22 locations across the Houston area
  • Made a significant investment in upgrading our fitness equipment in all of our YMCAs and we will be making an additional $2 million investment in 2023 in fitness equipment upgrades in 2023
  • Upgraded group exercise studios at many Y locations to be virtual studios providing live, on-demand classes any time of day
  • Added YMCA360, a YMCA membership benefit, offering an exclusive collection of on-demand and livestream classes, anytime, anywhere and from any device

If you need to make an adjustment to your membership, please contact the Welcome Center at your local YMCA.

If you are receiving financial assistance, your current adjustment percentage will apply to the new rate. If you have an additional adult added to your account, the per person rate will be $25/month. Members with quarterly, semi-annual, and annual invoice billing will move to their new membership rate at the time of their next billing cycle.

If cost is a barrier for you and/or your family, please speak to one of our membership representatives about available options.

As a member of the Y you help to strengthen the bonds that tie us together in community helping us to make an impactful difference by building healthier families, empowering youth and fostering inclusive communities. Thank you for being a member of our YMCA family!