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Why Personal Training?

  • Rev up a stale exercise routine with fresh approaches to your workout
  • Break out of your fitness plateau – challenge yourself
  • Reduce the risk of injury by learning proper techniques
  • Stay motivated and committed to your exercise program
  • Ease back into exercise and healthy habits with a guided and effective approach


  • Our trainers help to establish realistic and attainable goals
  • They will develop an exercise program specific to your individual needs, health status and limitations
  • Integrate variety into your exercise program to avoid training plateaus
  • Provide positive encouragement, motivation, and accountability


*All Programs are charged on a reoccurring monthly basis

Private Training

Single Session 1X/Week 2X/Week 3X/Week
30 Minute 45 159 299 429
60 Minute 75 269 509 699

Semi-Private Training

Single Session 1X/Week 2X/Week 3X/Week
30 Minute 25 99 179 249
60 Minute 45 169 299 409

In Person and At Home Personal Training AVAILABLE NOW

With the help of a Certified Personal Trainer, create a customized plan to help achieve your short and long term wellness goals through In Person OR Virtual Personal Training.

Virtual Personal Training

  • Workout anywhere, any time with a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Experience expert one on one coaching via Video Chat
  • Safe for at-risk populations to remain active and motivated
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