Your membership directly supports impactful and purposeful work in your community.

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Help Houston Fight Hunger

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You are the advocate. Your impact membership feeds people in your community through food drives, outreach, and senior enrichment.

The Benefits of Impact Membership

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  • Access to an online community with tools, resources, and education to drive change within yourself and your community, as well as, address the well-being of you and your family
  • Educational and training tools at the YMCA Equity Innovation Center powered by Reliant
  • Monthly e-newsletter with stories of impact, volunteer opportunities, and more
  • Engagement opportunities with the YMCA and other change agents through community events seminars, and more throughout the year
  • Upgrade at any time to access a variety of additional programs and services including Wellness Centers, group exercise classes, pools, and more at YMCA locations throughout the Houston area
Get Involved Today


Now is the time to make your membership mean more and do more. An Impact Membership lets you open doors and bring about meaningful change for countless members of our community.

The YMCA of Greater Houston is changing to become a more inclusive, purpose driven entity. We aren’t just a place, we are a purpose. Join the solution and get involved!

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