Healthy Weight and Your Child Program

Empowering Families to Live Healthier

Made up of groups of 15 families (child and adult), our Healthy Weight and Your Child program creates a safe, fun and active environment for children and families to explore and adopt proven methods to living a healthier lifestyle. 

Studies have shown that this program is cost-efficient and effective in reducing a child's body mass index and waist circumference, reducing sedentary behaviors, increasing physical activity and improving self-esteem.

Centers Offering Healthy Weight and Your Child:

How to Register:

To register for the Healthy Weight and Your Child Program, please call 713-758-9179 or email

How the Program Works:

Healthy Weight and Your Child empowers children ages 7-13 years old, with the support of their families, to reach a healthy weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Through the leadership of Y staff, the yearlong, evidence-based program engages a child and adult as a pair, so together they can understand how the home environment and other factors influence the choices that lead to a healthy weight. The program emphasizes behavior changes to support healthy eating and physical activity.

Families will work with trained leaders and learn about topics, including:

  • Healthy eating

  • Physical activity

  • Portion control

  • Internal and external triggers

  • Food label reading

  • Goal setting and rewards

Does Your Child Qualify?

In order to qualify for participation in the Healthy Weight and Your Child Program, your child must:

  • be 7-13 years old

  • carry excess weight, with a body mass index (BMI) of the 95th percentile or higher

  • receive clearance from a healthcare provider or school nurse to participate in physical activity

Why the Whole Family?

Evidence shows that child weight-management programs are more effective when the whole family is involved and committed to adopting healthier habits. For this reason, the program is designed so that parent/caregiver attendance is required at all sessions.

For more information, please call 713-758-9179 or email